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The Biomarker Factory provides research funding and domain expertise for translational medicine projects that bring biomarkers to clinical practice.  Projects are solicited from both open announcements and specific requests for proposals.  Proposals for funding are accepted from academic institutions, non-profit agencies, and from for-profit company sources. 

Principal Investigators who are interested in applying for Biomarker Factory funding are encouraged to first contact Jeffrey Shuster, General Manager, by email or by phone, (919)474-4330, to discuss the project idea and assess suitability for a Biomarker Factory project concept submission.  To submit a project concept, please read the FAQs, then submit a project concept using the project concept submission form.  Project Concept forms received by the Biomarker Factory are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the principal investigators of high quality submissions will be invited to submit full proposals. All areas of medicine are of interest and all stages of research from discovery to validation are considered.  The Biomarker Factory is focused on translational medicine in diagnostics and proposals will be expected to include biomarker research using clinical specimens.  A project concept should address the following questions relating to the clinical utility of the biomarker:

  • What is the medical need for a new diagnostic test over and above current clinical practice?
  • What patient criteria would a physician use to order the test?
  • What clinical decision would be made, or what clinical practice would be changed based on the results of the test?

Summary of Proposal Process
The proposal process is an interactive one with the goal of providing opportunities for discussion between the Principal Investigator and the Biomarker Factory both prior to, and concomitant with the review process.  A summary of the proposal process is shown below.

Proposal Process Summary

Principal Investigator

Biomarker Factory

  1. Discuss Ideas with the Biomarker Factory
  2. Submit a Project Concept Form
  3. Project Concept review Q&A responses
  4. Submit Full Proposal
  5. Proposal review Q&A responses
  1. Discuss Ideas with the Principal Investigator
  2. Preliminary Review
  3. Steering Committee Concept Review
  4. Steering Committee Proposal Review
  5. Recommendation to Board of Managers
  6. Final decision of the Board of Managers