Biomarker Factory Portfolio



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Principal Investigator: Todd Brennan, MD, MS, Duke University

Project Title: Novel biomarkers for early detection of kidney transplant rejection

Objective:  Identify serum biomarkers for the early detection of kidney allograft rejection.  Biomarkers will be quantified in prospectively collected serum samples from kidney transplant recipients in order to evaluate the correlation of biomarker levels with the onset of acute allograft rejection.  The new biomarkers will be evaluated for their ability to outperform the currently employed clinical metrics for transplant rejection.

Principal Investigator: Virginia Kraus, MD, PhD, Duke University

Project Title: Development of laboratory tests indicating risk of osteoarthritis progression

Objective: This project is designed to deliver the first diagnostic panel to revolutionize the treatment, management, and care of patients with osteoarthritis.  With the ability to identify aggressive, progressive osteoarthritis, it will become possible to deliver a personalized medicine treatment strategy and help alleviate the suffering caused by this chronic and debilitating disease.

Principal Investigator: Scott Palmer, MD, MHS, Duke University

Project Title: Immune monitoring tests for lung transplant patients

Objective: Develop immune profiling tests to guide anti-viral and immunosuppressant therapy for lung transplant patients. Antigen stimulation and flow cytometry assays will be used to assess patients’ immune status against cytomegalovirus and a novel biomarker of organ rejection.

Principal Investigator: J. Brice Weinberg, MD, Duke University

Project Title: Biomarker panels for management of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Objective: Identify prognostic biomarkers for progression of early, indolent chronic lymphocytic leukemia to more advanced stages requiring chemotherapy. A variety of cell-based assays will be developed to monitor disease progression and guide chemotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.